Gotta Love Japan

It’s not hard to find a few flaws in most traffic systems. I’ll go over the blindingly obvious problem with downtown Seattle’s business-hours ticket traps later, but this one’s screaming out to be fixed. Yet, in typical Japanese business fashion, nobody I talked to seemed to have the authority to do anything about it.

This is the driveway into (out of?) the biggest mall in my town. To be fair, there has been construction going on, and they’re currently expanding their parking lot, so I hope they’ll be repainting the arrows as well.

Normally, when directing something as bulky and potentially child-crushing as a neverending string of automobiles, you’d think clarity would be a priority. Not so, apparently.

Here’s a different driveway from (to?) the same mall, just to be sure we’re not dealing with an isolated case:

There are Do Not Enter signs posted on the street side of these exits, but no sign to assure those looking to exit that they’re on the right track.

I sure hope these get taken care of soon. It’s hard to imagine such a hazard going either unnoticed or simply ignored. I’d buy some black paint and do it myself if they sold any in this town–and if I thought it wouldn’t get me arrested.


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